Time & attendance - Software

SynPeople software

SynPeople time & attendance software allows you to manage the time & attendance of your employees in a fully automated manner. Variable working hours, flextime, illness, leave of absence etc. can be flexibly managed. From registration to remuneration : with minimal time investment you are guaranteed correct results.


  • Modules for personnel management, absence management, time & attendance management, employee self service
  • Customized configuration of your company rules and collective employment agreements by means of strong "rule engine"
  • Powerful scheduling and planning
  • "Management by exception"-based management and follow-up saves times. The system searches the derogations for you
  • Illness and certificate management and follow-up
  • Comprehensive reporting and statistics with possible workflow (Bl) link
  • Import and export module for smooth integration with your existing infrastructure
  • Automatic export of the payroll order to the employers' social-accounting secretariat
  • Fully web-based


  • One taylor-made global concept
  • User-friendly customizable user menus and web browser access. Each user only sees what he/she is entitled to see
  • Simplified license structure; local installation or installation in an ASP model
  • Management by exception, powerful reporting tool using Bl concepts and decentralization options increase productivity and provide fast ROI

Integration possibilities

  • Stand-alone or integrated with the Syntegro eHR self service modules, access control, visitor management, integration platform for building techniques
  • Integration with all existing HR and ERP systems
  • All employers' social-accounting secretariats are supported by the payroll feature