• 100% web-based
  • Own server or Cloud
  • 100% local back-up
  • Unlimited scalability
  • 'A tot Z' integration with other systems
  • Management by exception

SynGuard is Syntegro’s solution for access control. SynGuard controls who has access to your building(s) when and where. It is future proof and will grow along with the (possible) changes in your company or organization. Ten or 200.000 users? No problem for SynGuard.

SynGuard consists of a central software hosted in the Cloud or on your (virtual) server. Syntegro’s intelligent hardware (controllers) connects all accesses of your building such as doors, turnstiles, barriers, etc. Access is gained by badge, numerical code, QR, mobile phone, RFID-tag and fingerprint.

SynGuard is an open platform

  • An ICT-platform developed on the basis of ‘open source development tools’ and 'open ICT-standard'.

  • Software is installed on a Virtual Server (Linux or Windows version) or in the Cloud of Syntegro.

  • All kinds of badges and reading technologies can be linked to the intelligent hardware. Smart locks of renowned manufacturers have been A to Z integrated with Synguard. 

  • Highly scalable: no limits in the number of accesses, buildings, simultaneous administrators and users.

  • SynGuard can be connected with Active Directory, Azure,  AIM or any other HR-system.

  • Connection to other safety solutions such as fire alarm, burglary, camera surveillance and building control systems.

SynGuard is easy to install

  • Centralized of decentralized placement of controllers... which saves a lot of wiring work.

  • Access to smaller remote buildings can be integrated with your solution through the public internet.

  • Wireless or wired (smart) locks that are fully integrated with SynGuard.

  • In principle developed for multiple sites per company and/or multiple companies on one site.

SynGuard is easy to use

  • You can access the software with your standard web browser as manager and user. Nothing will be installed on your computer/laptop.
  • A user profile makes sure that everyone only sees what is relevant to him or her.

  • A real-time overview of all access points on a map/ graphic representation of your building. 

  • Synguard is more far-reaching than any other solution in automating your access control.  Thanks to our “management by exception” configuration, you will only receive ‘alarming’ information, reducing your interventions to a minimum. 

SynGuard is reliable and secure

  • Should connection to the central software drop for any reason whatsoever, our intelligent 'IP controllers' will fully autonomously operate the accesses to your building.

  • Secured end-to-end communication.

  • Ultra-secured due to the use of open standards such as OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol).

  • Our Cloud solution is GDPR proof. Each client has a separate environment with his own software container and database.