Own hardware and 'A tot Z' integration

A total solution of access control or time registration consists of both software and hardware. A state of the art solution can only be offered when this software and hardware function as one solution.

That's why Syntegro chose to develop also the intelligent hardware. Syntegro has its own IP-controller for access control en time registration, a door controller for access control and even intelligent readers. 

Our hardware is therefore an extension of our software. For time registration this means that personnel can use the reader as a screen to access their application. For access controll, the IP-controllers store a lot of data. The controllers can be installed on every company site and are a 100% fall-back soltution in case the network connection is (temporarily) lost. 

Syntegro also integrates hardware of other manufacturers such as badge readers, intelligent keysystems, wireless locks, lockers and key cabinets. We opt for a full ‘A tot Z’ integration, to ensure that such a total solution will offer a maximum of possibilities and added value to our customers.