• Full integration with time & attendance
  • 24/7 use of your parking
  • Also for shared parking
  • Real-time display occupation
  • Link to invoicing

SynGuard-Parking is Syntegro’s solution for parking management. It is an extension of access control (Synguard). Synguard-Parking allows you to determine who gets access to you parking or to the parking you share with other companies and when he/she gets access.

You can follow the occupancy rate in real-time and it is displayed graphically.

SynGuard-Parking can be perfectly used for shared parking.

SynGuard-Parking is easy to install

  • SynGuard-Parking Visitor is a module on top of Synguard access control.

  • As administrator, you can access the software through your standard web browser, nothing has to be installed on your computer/laptop.

SynGuard-Parking is easy to use

  • You divide your parking into so-called sub-parking.

  • Per sub-parking, you decide how many spaces should be available and who can access them when. This may be your own colleagues, your visitors, employees of other companies or even residents .

  • The gates or barriers at the entrances and exits of the parking can be opened as you like: an employee badge, long-distance tags from the car, automatic registration plate recognition, QR-code or a ticket machine in the parking.

  • You get a real-time overview of the occupancy rate of the parking, which allows you to immediately adjust the available access for certain target groups, if needed.

  • Reports representing the use of the parking are available. On the basis of these reports, you can  perform e.g. an internal or external invoicing according to use.

  • It is also possible to connect SynGuard-Parking to other systems such as parking cash registers.