• You decide which tasks you want to register
  • Employee only sees his own tasks
  • 100% integration with time & attendance
  • Link with other software such as ERP

SynPeople-Cost is Syntegro’s solution for an immediate and automatic allocation of personnel costs. SynPeople-Cost registers the amount of time your employees spend on a customer, on a project or a combination of both. 

SynPeople-Cost is fully integrated with time and attendance (SynPeople) and  employee self-service (SynPeople-eHR). This means that your employee himself can register the amount of time he spends on an activity, e.g. by smartphone. The duration is immediately and automatically entered into his calendar. 

SynPeople-Cost can be linked to other software such as your ERP-package, in order to simplify for instance your (internal) invoicing.

SynPeople-Cost is easy to install

  • SynPeople- is a module on top of SynPeople time and attendance.
  • As administrator or user, you can access the software through your standard web browser, nothing has to be installed on your computer/laptop.

SynPeople-Cost is easy to use for your employees 

  • Employees can also register their activities via a Syntegro App on their smartphone.

  • Only those tasks (client, project, activity) that have to be registered by a certain employee or team will be visible to him or her.  This can be personalized up to the level of an employee.

SynPeople-Cost is easy to manage

  • The hours worked will be automatically supplemented with the registered tasks and jobs in the calendar of your employees.
  • Location determination can be activated, subject to the employee’s approval.

  • SynPeople-Cost can be easily linked to other software packages in your company, such as an ERP package, through an import and export module. This allows, for instance, to automate internal and external invoicing.