• 100% integrated with Syntegro time & attendance
  • Realtime data, both for planner and other users
  • A variety of planning concepts

SynPeople-Planning is Syntegro’s solution for personnel planning. It allows to plan an optimum efficiency in personnel scheduling, taking into account their competences and availability.

Since the planning module is fully integrated with Syntegro time & attendance (SynPeople) and with employee self-service (SynPeople-eHR), the co-existence of multiple systems is put to an end. Your personnel planning automatically considers the attendances and absences of your employees, their requests for leave and the HR rules within your company.

Everyone – employees, planners, heads of department and HR department-– always have the same data in realtime.

SynPeople-Planning is easy to install

  • SynPeople-Planning is a module on top of  SynPeople time and attendance.

  • As administrator or user, you can access the software through your standard web browser, nothing has to be installed on your computer/laptop.

SynPeople-Planning is an integrated solution

  • SynPeople-Planning supports a wide range of planning concepts: schedules with 1-2-3 daily parts, cyclic working schedules or temporary schedules. Temporarily employed colleagues from other departments or a pool of employees migrating between different departments.  
  • The integration with time and attendance (SynPeople) and employee self-service (SynPeople-eHR) allow alignment between all-time registration schedules, collective labor agreements and internal working arrangements, so that every modification made by the planner will be  immediately processed and displayed in real-time.
  • Not only the planner sees the result of his actions online, but also the planned employees, heads of department and HR-department. 

SynPeople-Planning is easy to manage

  • Thanks to the wide range of configuration possibilities, the planner can adapt the planning screen to his specific needs.

  • Real-time reports on work load, overtime, absence, illness, occupancy rate of (a) team(s) or departments or company, as well as interpretation of the data. 

  • Multiple planning frames can be visualized simultaneously (e.g. morning shift and midday shift, own department against temporarily assigned group,…).

  • Quick selectors (for adapting a planning or quickly starting up a planning) and counters (as additional aid for planning, such as visualization of holiday counters) keep everything manageable and simple.