• 100% web-based
  • Combined with access control or standalone
  • Digitizes your visitor management, from invitation up to entering your building
  • Real-time overview

SynGuard-Visitor is Syntegro’s solution for visitor management. SynGuard-Visitor controls the full visitor management process. From sending the invitation up to checking in and out at your company.

Synguard-Visitor can be used standalone or combined with our other solutions.

You can use our solution in all your business locations, or you can make shared use of it with other companies within the same building.

SynGuard-Visitor is easy to install

  • SynGuard-Visitor is a module on top of SynPeople time and attendance, but it can also be used as standalone.

  • As administrator, you can access the software through your standard web browser, nothing has to be installed on your computer laptop.

SynGuard-Visitor is  easy to use for employees and visitors

  • Once you have entered your visitor’s data (or you have ticked the visitor in your visitors directory), he will receive an invitation by e-mail including a code (bar code or QR code) or key code valid on the date and time of his visit.

  • At the time of the visit, a personalized access profile, printed on a card or a label, will determine where the visitor has access within the building and when. This can also be access to the parking or to a certain entrance before arriving at the reception.

  • Your receptionist registers your visitor with one click when he signs in.

  • If you don’t have a receptionist, the visitor can register himself at a self-service computer or -kiosk using the code that was included in his invitation. You can give your visitor extra information / let him sign extra information for approval through the self-service module.

Some other features of SynGuard-Visitor

  • SynGuard-Visitor can be connected to Active Directory.

  • Real-time reports of all expected visitors, present visitors and visitors who have already left. This can also be used in case of an evacuation of the building.

  • No limits to the number of internal users and visitors.

  • Synguard-Visitor can be used for different subsidiaries of one company, but also for visitor management of different companies in one and the same building.