Why choosing Syntegro

Unique automation, custom made and ICT future proof

Unique automation

The smart solutions by Syntegro introduce a full automation of your business processes. Wage administration for instance will no longer require manual calculations on paper. Access control will automatically steer doors, barriers and other entrances. You will only be notified if ‘abnormal’ events occur, e.g. an entrance that remains open after office hours.

Custom made

The smart solutions by Syntegro can be tuned 100% to your procedures. Solutions are configurable in such a way that there will be no need to modify your security and personnel processes. So, the cost reduction through automation will not be offset by the cost of changing.

ICT future proof

The fully web-based solutions, built on "open source development tools”, automatically follow new IT evolutions. Our in-house software and hardware development team makes sure that the smart solutions by Syntegro remain state-of-the-art. Our solutions are unlimitedly scalable.  We have customers with more than 200.000 users and 100 sites. You can install our software on your own (virtual) server, or you can opt for our highly secure and reliable Cloud solution.