The workforce management specialist

Ultraflexible standard software

In order to automate complex HR issues, Syntegro has developed a standard software package that can be configured to suit your requirements. Our software can be adapted in any direction that is important to your organisation. This way, you get a solution which is as good as custom-made, and yet as affordable as a standard software package.

A team of specialists

Syntegro's teams think in solutions and are driven by efficiency. Syntegro offers a smooth and efficient flow thanks to its in-house implementation and support teams.

Thanks to Syntegro, your HR team gets more opportunities

No more endless questions to your HR department. Your employees can access their work schedules and leave schedules directly on a flexible platform. Thanks to the management by exception principle, only irregularities require extra attention. This frees up time for what HR management is really all about: your employees’ well-being.

How our company has grown

the founders of syntegro

Four engineers with an entrepreneurial dream

In 2007, four engineers started to live their business dream. Backed by an investment company and armed with 80 combined years of experience, they started to develop an ultra-flexible solution for an efficient workforce and acces management.



Syntegro was a market pioneer as its system was web-based from the start. It soon attracted many positive reactions and its first office in Hasselt quickly became too small.


Clients in Belgium and other countries

The client portfolio grew, and so did the team. Strictly speaking, we are still doing the same thing as in the beginning, only now the scale is far bigger. We serve not only more, but also larger customers at home and abroad.

In 2015, Syntegro moved to a multifunctional building in Beringen. The number of clients in Belgium and other countries keeps growing and Syntegro has presented strong growth figures year after year.

Syntegro turns 15

Exponential growth and a product range that demands focus makes Syntegro decide to continue as two separate companies in June 2022.

Syntegro focuses entirely on Workforce Management and access management goes its own way under the name Synguard.

Watch the video of our 15-year anniversary.

“We have invested heavily in the past few years in expanding our organisation, with the aim of becoming a major international player. However, we remained true to our product strategy, which is to deliver high-quality products that enable our customers to fully automate their processes."  Johan -  co-founder