SYNGUARD | open management platform

Synguard, access management by Syntegro

Synguard is the solution for access control.

Synguard controls who can access your site or building when and where. And all this via the same management platform as Syntegro.

In other words, everything can be managed in one integrated system.

The system grows or evolves with your organisation. Whether you have ten or one hundred thousand users, Synguard can handle all volumes.

Acces management solutions

  • Access management: stay in control of who can access your buildings where and when with a flexible and scalable solution.

  • Visitor management: your receptionist or self-service kiosk gives your visitors a warm and digitally supported welcome from their first invitation to their eventual departure.

  • Open management platform: group your various techniques on one user-friendly platform. You can also manage your fire and intrusion systems, lifts and lockers on the Synguard platform.

  • Parking management: optimise the use of parking spaces with a real-time overview and occupancy rates for employees, visitors, other companies and local residents.

Central software and intelligent hardware

Synguard's central software is hosted in the cloud or on your (virtual) server. Syntegro's intelligent hardware – controllers – connects all your building entrances such as doors, turnstiles and barriers.

Access is granted with a badge, numeric code, QR, mobile phone, RFID tag or fingerprint.


More info about the Synguard-solution

From access control over visitor registration to parking management. With Synguard, you're safe, thanks to our in-house software and hardware developments. Strengthened by the cloud solution and a range of integrations and interfaces...