everyone contributes to personnel administration

Employee Selfservice

Leave requests, bicycle allowances, changing work schedules, time off, the authorisation of overtime, travel allowances, the submission of sick notes, ... Your employees can do it all themselves in the Syntegro system.

And they can also easily clock in and out at the start and end of the working day in the app. This keeps them directly involved. They are responsible for their own time allocation and planning.

Anytime, anywhere, 24/7

Want to quickly check how much leave you have left at the weekend? Would you like to submit a request to work from home or switch shifts? You can do it all anytime, anywhere, 24/7 if you are connected to the internet. This allows a flexible and transparent HR policy.

The result?

Satisfied employees who are involved in how they spend their time, more flexibility for both the employer and the employee and a better work-life balance.


The people at Brinks thought they would have to overcome quite a few hurdles when they implemented Syntegro's software, but their employees soon saw the benefits of the app.


The employee is the center of attention  

Syntegro truly makes your staff the centre of attention. Thanks to the practical benefits of the employees’ system, they quickly take ownership and implementation is usually smooth.


The advantages of flexible planning, user-friendly logging, easy requests to work remotely and a one-click leave overview offer a type of transparency that gives employees control over their time along with the associated responsibilities. Do they prefer a particular shift? Are there any training courses they want or need to take? 

Syntegro keeps an overview of your personnel administration.

Personnel administration with the smartphone app


Syntegro's flexible software offers you a configuration that is tailored to each profile and is in line with the existing HR processes. That makes the implementation smooth and clear for everyone.


Whether you prefer a smartphone app or your computer, the system will be adopted very easily and quickly by all employees.

Smartphone app