• Automation of 'performance'-related requests
  • On your PC or smartphone
  • Maintaining your rules and processes

SynPeople-eHR is Syntegro’s solution for personnel administration. Holiday requests, cycle mileage allowance, work schedule changes, recovery or authorization of overtime, travel allowances, handing in medical certificates, … with  SynPeople-eHR it is easy for your employees to do it themselves, either through computer or by smartphone app.  

SynPeople-eHR is highly configurable to such an extent that existing HR-processes can be maintained and on top of that, it is always made to measure for each employee.

SynPeople-eHR is easy to install

  • SynPeople-eHR is a module on top of SynPeople time and attendance.

  • As administrator, you can access the software through your standard web browser, nothing has to be installed on your computer/laptop.

  • Balances of holidays, overtime etc. are kept per employee in the way you want it:  per year, month or week.

SynPeople-eHR maximum automation

  • Because SynPeople-eHR is fully integrated with time and attendance (SynPeople), data on all of your employees is always up-to-date.

  • SynPeople-eHR provides a digital automation from request up to approval.  

  • SynPeople-eHR is highly configurable to such an extent that the most specific process can be automated, and, if need be, swiftly changed.

  • All supervisions and required checks are built-in in the work-flow and immediately and automatically executed.

  • All requests from your employees impacting their performance or other useful information can be processed and sent to the payroll office. Syntegro has a  link to all the payroll offices.

SynPeople-eHR is easy to use by your employees and their managers

  • An employee can log on to SynPeople-eHR from anywhere with his user name and password, either through computer or by smartphone.

  • The employee will only see data and tabs he is allowed to see.

  • Your employee will e.g. be immediately notified when his leave entitlement is insufficient for his request for leave. Other balances, e.g. amount of overtime, are held in an easy to read calendar. So, requests are done correctly as of the beginning (no needless requests).

  • A certificate testifying an absence (birth, death, illness,…) not yet handed in? Your employee will be automatically notified.

  • A clear status  shows the employee in which stage his request is and who has taken which initiative.

  • Management-by-exception. The manager (HR head of department) will only get ‘alarming’ information in real-time making the whole manageable.