always optimal occupancy and automatic registration of working hours

Within your organization you have to deal with varying opening hours, fluctuations in peak and off-peak times and different rosters for permanent employees, on-call employees and flex workers. How do you ensure that the hours worked are calculated automatically, according to legal requirements? And how do you ensure optimal staffing for maximum customer and employee satisfaction?


Syntegro offers a complete Workforce Management solution within retail: time registration, planning, job registration and access management for your store staff, office staff and temporary workers.

Automatic & reliable time registration

With Syntegro's time registration, you register presences and absences and everything that has an impact on the remuneration of your employees. Our solution offers several advantages within retail:

  • Schedules: all types of schedules are possible, such as fixed or flexible schedules and open schedules for your on-call or flex workers.
  • Presences and absences: everything that applies to your organization can be set up, such as illness, statutory and extra statutory leave, ADV, TVT, (additional) birth leave,.... With an immediate overview of the (vacation) planning of your department or organization.
  • Overtime: you determine when something is overtime, at what percentages, and to whom it applies.
  • Allowances: an automatic calculation of allowances such as shopping night or weekend allowance, as well as travel or home office allowances.
  • User roles: most common are HR, manager and employee, but any user role is possible.

    • Insight: your employees always have insight into their hours worked, overtime, schedule and leave balances, which ensures higher employee satisfaction.
      • Fully compliant: the software is fully aligned with your collective bargaining agreement or company regulations, complies with the Working Hours Act and is flexible when laws and regulations change.

      • Workflows: flexibly configurable for assessing requests or handling exceptions.
      • Presence board: an up-to-date overview of your employees present in case of an emergency.

      Easy registration & always insight

      For both your store and office employees, make use of the different ways of registration: via the clock, a PC or via the app.


      Through the convenient app and portal, employees have real-time insight into their schedule, hours worked and leave balances. A request is submitted quickly and easily and the manager can approve it immediately via the app or portal.

      Optimal workforce planning based on availability and competencies

      Workforce management within retail contributes to a positive shopping experience for customers and the well-being of staff, which in turn promotes business results.


      We ensure optimal staff planning, satisfied employees and customers. We do this with software that we tailor entirely to your planning needs:

      • The planning module is 100% integrated with time registration. This means real-time information about the availability of your employees and full compliancy with the Working Hours Act, collective bargaining agreement and company-specific regulations
      • By planning based on availability and competitions, you always put the right people in the right place within your organization. This way you avoid under- and overstaffing and the costs that come with it.
        • In addition to personnel planning, we offer comprehensive project planning. Here it is not only important to plan all phases properly, each phase of a project requires its own specialists and materials and has its own deadlines and preconditions.
        • From fixed planning to self-scheduling and everything in between. Increase your employee satisfaction by giving your store staff a say, by letting them swap and taking individual wishes into account. You can also opt for complete self-rostering. Whatever choice you make, our solution is always tailored to your HR policy.

          • The required capacity is never the same. Our software takes into account the required staffing and can immediately be adjusted in case of last-minute changes.
          • Direct insight for employees into the current schedule. Even after a change, the schedule is immediately visible in the app or portal. 

          • Flexible, efficient and simple for planners. We do this with a customized planning board on which we clearly display relevant, real-time information. Think of availability, timetables and overstaffing and understaffing. For both permanent and temporary employees.
          • And extensive reports for continuous optimization.

          Integration with your Payroll & HR software

          All employee data are imported from the payroll software database. At the end of the month, Syntegro exports all data needed for correct payroll.


          In addition, we offer many more standard integrations

          Insight into your costs through Job registration

          For direct insight and control of costs per location, choose the optional module 'job registration':

          • Register the time your employees spend per location or activity. This gives you insight into the hours worked per employee, store or process. Sick hours can also be included.
          • If an employee is assigned to another location, you can easily change the cost center.
          • Extensive reports of time spent and realistic insights into your internal costs.

              Control through Access Management & Visitor Registration 

              With Synguard's solution, we offer a complete solution within the same software platform as Syntegro:

              • Access Management: control who has access to your stores or headquarters where and when, with a flexible and scalable solution.
              • Visitor management: receive your visitors warmly and automatically, from the first invitation to departure, at a receptionist or self-service kiosk.
              • Parking management: your parking space is optimally utilized with a real-time overview of usage and occupancy by employees, visitors, other businesses and local residents.