More than 625.000 Syntegro-users


 More and more large companies are finding their way to Syntegro's software. They can see the benefits of proper time tracking. More than ever before, employees are looking for flexibility in their work, but they also need a system to monitor their work-life balance.

A super-flexible system that understands the complexities of HR is a sound foundation for everyone. Syntegro has built an extensive client portfolio that includes companies with more than 100 employees and/or with complex HR needs.

— Government — 

— Healthcare —

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Government and local councils

Local councils and government agencies have a very wide range of employees: from day care staff to residential care workers, library staff and administrative personnel. Syntegro's software manages to make the seemingly incompatible manageable in a single system.

Large enterprises

Large companies usually have complex payroll calculations, intricate schedules and a wide range of employment rules and GDPR rules to comply with. This tends to require a lot of effort from the HR staff. Comprehensive toolsets and a flexible software package allow clear HR management by exception for these organisations.

SMEs with complex needs

Small entrepreneurs or directors of medium-sized companies tend to manage their HR policy personally in addition to countless other tasks. To them, a system that keeps an overview of employees’ leave, sickness days and overtime and that offers the correct output to the HR services provider can work wonders. Syntegro is the perfect, scalable and – thanks to the cloud solution – affordable software partner for SMEs with challenging, changing HR management needs.