Optimal workforce planning with a comprehensive tool


Syntegro offers the ultimate professional solution for workforce planning. It allows you to efficiently deploy your people exactly where they are needed based on your organisation's needs. 

The system automatically takes into account contractual agreements, individual competences, planned or unplanned absences and all other company-specific agreements.

Workforce planning for logistics, healthcare and retail

Certain industries such as logistics companies and healthcare organisations require complex workforce planning. Based on the real-time principle, all the organisation’s staff – managers, workforce planners, employees and human resources – always have the same data. Your workforce planner can respond quickly to any unexpected changes by making the necessary adjustments.


All-in-one tool for occasional workers and temps

Additional workers, such as occasional hospitality and retail workers, can all be included in one optimal workforce planning system. Each employee can access the schedule directly in the Self-Service app. Flexible planning and consultation has never been so clear and convenient.


One system for online workforce planning and payroll calculation

The planning module is fully integrated with time tracking and Employee Self-Service: so you get one system for both your workforce planning and payroll calculation.


There are several ways to visualize the planning dashboard. It can be configured to give each user type a convenient view. With a customisable shortcut menu (to start your planning quickly, for instance) or counters (to track employee leave, for instance) you keep everything simple and manageable.