Integrations with other software

Syntegro's software easily communicates with other systems.

How to establish integrations

Syntegro has several web services/APIs that allow uni-directional and bi-directional links. These web services allow you to exchange all kinds of data via SOAP or REST. Our application acts as the server and the other software package acts as the client.

You can also set up a link through file exchange with SQL queries or one of our (predefined) reports. The available formats are Excel, CSV, HTML and TDT.

Integrations with Microsoft

Integrations with payroll providers

The system imports all employee data from the payroll provider's database.

At the end of the month, Syntegro exports all the data the payroll provider needs to pay the salaries correctly.

Integrations with other planning software

Syntegro links with other planning tools to exchange employee availabilities, absences and scheduled hours.

Integrations with ERP systems

Our clients may use a link with an ERP software package to find out which project and/or task employees are spending time on, for instance.

Projects can be imported into Syntegro and the hours worked are fed back to the ERP system.

Integrations with other Software

Track and trace systems, HRM, payroll software, IT solutions for healthcare, temping agencies, ... Syntegro can integrate with all your other software seamlessly. The link means that all common data is synchronised between Syntegro and your partners. This avoids any errors and duplicate entries. This is how we make your business more efficient.