for a clear time overview

Project registration

Syntegro has the solution for those who need a clear overview of the time spent on each project. 

You log the time your employees spend on a client, project or a combination of the two in real time.

Directly allocated to the cost centre and timesheet

The system is fully integrated with Time Tracking and Employee Self-Service. This means your employees can log the time they spend on certain activities themselves with their smartphone, for instance. The time period is entered into the employee’s calendar immediately and automatically without any duplicate work.

Integration with ERP software

You can link the Syntegro project logging system to other software such as your ERP package. It is a convenient and efficient way to simplify your internal project billing and/or for linking your customers' invoicing to it.

Fully customisable configuration

Like every other component of Syntegro software, Project Logging can be completely configured to suit your needs. For example, you can show only the tasks, clients or projects for a particular employee or group for a clear and relevant overview.


Under each production environment cost centre, you can set up an overview of how long a certain employee has worked for one particular client (useful for invoicing) and how many employees worked on a production line, for instance. This will give you a realistic understanding of your company's costs.


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