With the acquisition of the Leuven-based company, Syntegro will be the only company on the market to offer a complete solution for time tracking and personnel, task and project planning.

Software company Syntegro takes over Arinto

Syntegro in Limburg has already been a leading specialist in time tracking and personnel planning for 16 years. The company is a benchmark for workforce management solutions in Belgium and the Netherlands, while also aiming at conquering the European market. The take-over of Arinto brings Syntegro another step closer to achieving this objective. “Our workforce management solutions are being used by an increasing number of companies and authorities at home and abroad. With the take-over of Arinto we are supplementing our product portfolio with solutions for task and project planning. We now have a combination of solutions in-house that no other concern can offer”, explains managing director Frank De Weser. 

Take-over results in an all-round solution for optimal personnel deployment

In a fast-changing economy with pressing personnel shortages and a war for talent raging, companies want to exploit the potential of their employees to the full. Hence the demand for workforce management solutions that facilitate optimal personnel deployment and the new way of working.

Frank De Weser: “We have already been a trailblazer in Belgium and the Netherlands with our solutions for time tracking and personnel planning for years. The take-over of Arinto means we are alone in our sector in offering time and personnel as well as task and project planning tools.”

With the take-over Syntegro can respond with speed and flexibility to changing requirements, emphasises Koen Van Wijmeersch, one of the two founders of Arinto: “Our planning software enables companies to work more efficiently with their personnel and other resources, making it a perfect match for the services offered by Syntegro. We can then offer the solution required in the current economic context.”

Expertise acquirement

The take-over not only signifies the expansion of Syntegro’s product range. The company also brings more than 35 years of technical and commercial experience under its roof. The founders of Arinto will each take up a position at the Limburg software company.

Frank De Weser: “With Koen Van Wijmeersch we are adding more than 20 years of experience in software development to the company. After the take-over he will assume the position of Director of Innovation & Product Strategy. With 15 years of commercial experience, co-founder Kristof Briers becomes our new, tailored International Sales & Marketing Director.

International growth

The turnover has doubled in the past three years. With this take-over Syntegro continues to work on its ambitious growth strategy.

Frank De Weser: “The take-over of Arinto and the appointment of Koen Van Wijmeersch and Kristof Briers are steps in line with our ambition to become the benchmark in workforce management in Belgium and the Netherlands and to grow on the European market.

Kristof Briers: “We have embedded Arinto in a larger concern with great strength and expertise. We can use the unique combination that we now offer to further accelerate Syntegro’s international growth.”


About Syntegro

Syntegro has been a leading developer of SaaS software for time tracking and personnel planning since 2007. The solutions from Syntegro are flexible and fully configurable in line with individual requirements. The company forms part of the LinqUp NV investment group.


About Arinto

Arinto was founded in 2017 in Herent by Koen Van Wijmeersch and Kristof Briers. The company offers SaaS software for task and project planning, configurable according to the particular requirements of any company. The company forms part of the LinqUp NV investment group.


About LinqUp

LinqUp NV is an investment group founded and led by Peter Roelens. With their high-value business practices they invest in technology companies wanting to grow faster and on the international scene.